My Plan of the New Term,我的新学期学习计划,小学六年级,中英文对照

这是一篇《我的新学期学习计划》方面的英语作文——My Plan of the New Term,适用于小学六年级。本文档中有中文与英文的对照,方便大家阅读、方便修改。

My Plan of the New Term

The winter vacation will be end. And the new term is coming. I will be a pupil of grade 6. I will face to the exam of entering a junior middle school. I will face to be chosen for the first time in my life. In order to enter an ideal junior middle school, I will go to school in a complete new status. Now I make my plan for the new term.

I must improve my efficiency on studying time. I hope that I could yield twice the result with half the effort. So I must have eight hours in the sleep. I will get up at 7:00 in the morning. And I must go to bed at 23:00 in the evening. So I will have much energy for my studying. I will study hard from seven points as follow:

1. Because the preparation is a good method for studying. I will study new knowledge in advance.

2. I will listen to my teacher carefully in the class. I don’t do something that disturbs the teachers. I don’t talk with my classmate in the course.

3. I will make the notes and review it after the class.

4. I must finish the homework seriously when I come back home.

5. At every weekend and holidays, I will continue to study the knowledge of primary school Olympic Mathematics. And I will study New Concept English at the same time.

6. In order to prepare the examination of entering an ideal junior middle school, I will do much test papers of Chinese, Mathematics and English and do my best to obtain success.

7. I will do some exercise every a week to improve my body and make me body active.

These are my new plans. I am going to practice it in the new term. I believe that the plan will make me success.


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