人教初二上册Unit 11


1. ——Yes, sure.

2. —?

—Sorry ,I can’t. I have to do my homework.

3. —Parents say,“Could you buy some drinks and snacks?”

—say,“Could I buy some drinks and snacks?”

4. —doing the laundry, It’s so boring.

—Really? I don’t think so.

5. — 6. — —No problem. Here you are.

7. —Why do you like her?

—She’movie star in the word.

8. —Thanks for t care of my dog.

—It’s my pleasure.

9. —my dog?

—Yes, sure, You know, I love dogs.

10.—I think Teen World has the best service.


us Mary’s telephone number ?I want to call her.

A. to give B. give C. giving D. to giving

12.Let’ A.for B. on C. to D. with

the post office? I will have to post a letter for my


A. finding B. I can find C. how to find D. find

14. I’m sorry I don’you.

A. with B. in C. on D. to

15. —Could you please tell me where the restrooms are?

—A. Yes, I could. B. I could C. Sure. D. I could tell


16. Mr Smith didn’good friends.

A. much; much B. many; many C. much; many D. many; much

17.Don’’s dangerous.

A. make B. hold C. do D. play

18.Teacher: Welcome back, class.

A. Certainly, Mr Li` B. I’m sorry, Mr Li. C. Thank you, Mr Li. D .I’m glad, Mr


A. look like B. looks like C. like D. likes

math this term, Li Ping?


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