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如何限制你使用的Oracle Solaris 11网络虚拟化和资源管理的应用流量

November 2011 2011年11月

by Duncan Hardie 邓肯哈迪

How to use Oracle Solaris 11 network resource management to apply bandwidth limits directly to a data link (such as a VNIC) or to a user-defined flow. 如何使用的Oracle Solaris 11的网络资源管理直接应用的带宽限制,数据链路(如VNIC)或用户定义的流量。 Bandwidth limits applied to a data link affect all network traffic and let you control how bandwidth is shared among applications, while defining a flow lets you limit certain types of traffic based on packet attributes, such as the IP address or transport protocol. 带宽限制应用于数据链路影响所有网络流量并让您控制如何应用程序之间共享带宽,而定义一个流,可以限制基于包的属性,如IP地址或传输协议,对某些流量类型。

Introduction 简介

This article describes how to use the new network resource management in Oracle Solaris 11 to control your network traffic infrastructure. 本文介绍如何使用在Oracle Solaris 11的新的网络资源管理,控制网络交通基础设施。 You will learn how to use bandwidth control on data links to share network bandwidth among your applications while preventing misbehaving applications from taking all the network bandwidth. 您将学习如何使用数据链路的带宽控制您的应用程序之间共享网络带宽,同时防止行为不端的应用到所有的网络带宽 。 You will also learn about flows, which control specific network traffic bandwidth, for example, to limit the impact of a weekly backup on the system. 您还将了解流动,例如,控制特定网络流量带宽,限制每周备份对系统的影响。

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The network continues to be at the core of the data center. 该网络将继续在数据中心的核心 。 Being able to monitor, control, guarantee, and reconfigure network infrastructure with ease is key to providing applications with the data connections they require. 能够监控,轻松控制,保证和重新配置网络基础设施提供他们所需要的数据连接的应用程序的关键。 Oracle Solaris 11 provides a reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure to meet the growing needs of data center implementations. 甲骨文的Solaris 11提供了一个可靠,安全和可扩展的基础设施,以满足数据中心实现不断增长的需求。

In particular, with the introduction of network virtualization, Oracle Solaris 11 provides

innovative network resource management capabilities that provide a level of control that was not possible before, from slicing up large network pipes or controlling the impact of certain network traffic on your system to running applications in the cloud or in the data center. 特别是随着网络虚拟化的引入,甲骨文的Solaris 11提供创新的网络资源管理能力,提供了一个控制水平,在以前是不可能的切片大型网络管道或控制一定的网络流量对系统的影响,运行, 在

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