2-Unit4 Cultural Encounters答案综合教程二

Unit 4 Cultural Encounters

Key to the Exercises

Text comprehension




1. T; 2. F; 3. T; 4. T; 5. T.


1. “snail mail”.

2. “an essential stepping stone on the road to success”.

3. “the profound relationship between language and culture that lies at the heart of society”.

4. “the means to shape our views of the world”.

5. “to negotiate the boundaries between languages and to compromise in translation”.

6. “to use linguistic skills, to think differently, to enter into another culture’s mentality and to shape language accordingly”.


1. The age we are living provides us with convenient ways to reach any part of the world.

2. It seems that everyone is able to always get in touch with anyone else if he or she can afford to.

3. is the most important to society.

4. This is a fundamental skill in today’s world, where different cultures interact.

5. Lots of people are finding ways to interrelate different cultures.

Structural analysis of the text

1. The last sentence of the 3rd paragraph: “Most fundamental is the profound relationship between language and culture that lies at the heart of society and one that we overlook at our peril.”

2. Paragraph 4: The lack of an exact counterpart of the English word “homesickness” in other languages such as Italian, Portuguese, and German.

Paragraph 5: The problem of untranslatability which the early Bible translators encountered.

Paragraph 6: English and Welsh speakers make adjustments regarding the color spectrum in the grey / green / blue / brown range; The word “democracy” means completely different things in different contexts; the flat breads of Central Asia are a long way away from Mother’s Pride white sliced toasties, yet the word “bread” has to serve for both.


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