College English Oral Test (Level 4)

Part One

Directions: In this part, you are required to give ONE MINUTE TALK on the following topic. 1. Say something about your life in the university. Which aspect about college life do you like best?

2. Some students learn best when a classroom lesson is presented in an entertaining, enjoyable way. Others learn best when a lesson is presented in a serious, formal way. Which of these two ways of learning do you prefer and why?

3. Tell me the one of your class activities held recently. How do you like it?

4. What do you think of some students who spend far too more time on their hobbies than on their schoolwork? Personal Issues

5. Which do you cherish more, your friendship with a good friend or your romantic relationship?

6. What factors would you consider first if you were to find a job (even a part-time job)? What career would you like to choose for yourself and why?

7. Some people like to work or study alone. Others like to study with several people together. Which do you prefer: to study alone or to study with other people? Give specific reasons and examples to illustrate your answer.

8. Whom do you usually turn to when in trouble, your parents or your friends?

9. How do you get along with your roommates? What do you do when conflicts with your roommates come in the way?

Social Issues

10. Which great leader do you admire most? What qualities did/does he/she has?

11. A lot of young people like fast food, esp. things like hamburgers and French fries. What is you attitude to the phenomenon?

12. Many girls diet to lose weight. What do you think about this phenomenon?

13. Do you think it’s necessary for college student to learn a second or even third language? Why?

14. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: people should always show their strong emotions (such as excitement, anger, or joy)? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

15. A few years ago, a large number of excellent Chinese students went abroad for better study and living condition. But now a reverse tide arises. Many of them returned to China. What do you think the reasons are? Science and Technology Issues

16. Global warming is evident. Do you think this is the fault of man? If so, how must man stop it?

17. Household appliances are widely used. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these appliances?

18. What comments would you make on internet? Is it a blessing or curse? Media Issues

19. What’s your favorite way to obtain information? What advantage does it have?

20. Do you think someday internet will take the place of other media, such as TV, radio and newspaper? Why or why not?