New Concept English Comprehension

Book 1 大学英语新理念综合教程 电子课件(1) 电子课件 主编: 主编:崔永兴 大学英语新理念综合教程编写委员会 北京出版集团公司 北 京 出 版 社 New Concept English Comprehensive Course 新理念大学英语综合教程 Unit Five Health Smart Health Choices Learning Focus Learn the new words and expressions. Get a general idea about the subhealth. Know some knowledge of English word formation. Review the Non-finite Verb. Section III Section II Practical Writing Reading Section I Section IV Lead-in Language Skill Development Section V Section VI Extended Exercises Funny Time Section I Lead-in A Watching B Speaking C Listening A Watching I. Cinema time II. Fill in the blanks according to the film. --He’s a little devil 淘气 that crow. He will have all the Seedlings幼苗 we don't do something. 幼苗 if --Something we need to have a little… a little chat about Annie. --Don't leave me. --Hey, come here. Hey, hey, I’m not leaving you. You soft hope girl. At least I bloody 非常俚 not. --So, em…You know, what kind is it he’s got? Watching --He says he’s gonna call it Saddam Hussein. have told --You should ____________ us. I’m your oldest moment friend. You should have told me the _________ you found out. --I did. No big hoo-ha, though, ok? --Ok. easier --It’ll just make it ________ for him to get back normal to________ when he gets out, you know. And tests the ________ are clear and… and everything. B Speaking I. Cinema time II. Make a dialogue according to the film. Work in pairs according to the instructions given in Cue Card A & B. Cue Card A Situation: Jane and Mary met in the street. They were talking about their sick friend---Linda. Speaker A: Jane, who didn’t know anything about Linda’s illness. Tips for speaking Jane just came back from Japan. She was out of touch with her old friends so long that she didn’t know anything about Linda’s illness. Cue Card B Situation: Jane and Mary met in the street. They were talking about their sick friend---Linda. Speaker B: Mary, who has got the news that Linda was ill. Tips for speaking The right way to say hello to her old friend—Jane. To tell Jane bad news that Linda was ill. Sample Sample Dialogue Jane: Hello, Mary, nice to see you here. Mary: Hi, Jane, glad to meet you, too. Long time no see! How are you recently? Jane: Fine, thanks! I came back from Japan yesterday. Mary: Really? So you mustn’t know anything about Linda? Jane: I’m afraid not. What’s wrong with her? Mary: It is said that she has got cancer. Jane: Oh my God! I couldn’t believe it! Do you still remember how strong she was when we were at the college? Mary: Yeah, of course I do. But now… Jane: What a pity! Mary: I ‘m going to visit her tomorrow. Will you go with me? Jane: Good idea! Where and when do we meet? Mary: Let’s make it 9 o’clock am, at the gate of the hospital. Jane: Good! See you tomorrow. Ma