EN 1291-A1_2002


DEUTSCHE NORMSeptember 2002

Acceptance levels(includes Amendment A1:2002)English version of DINEN1291:1998+A1:2002

ICS 25.160.40

Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung von Schweißverbindungen–

Magnetpulverprüfung von Schweißverbindungen – Zulässigkeitsgrenzen

(enthält Änderung A1:2002)Magnetic particle testing of weldsNon-destructive testing of welds{EN1291Supersedes March 1998 edition.

European Standard EN1291:1998+Amendment A1:2002 has the status of aDINStandard.

A comma is used as the decimal marker.

National foreword

This standard has been prepared by CEN/TC 121 ‘Welding’ (Secretariat: Denmark), SC 5 ‘Non-destructivetests of welds’.

The responsible German body involved in its preparation was the Normenausschuss Materialprüfung(Materials Testing Standards Committee), Technical Committee Elektrische und magnetische Prüfverfahren.Amendments

This standard differs from the March 1998 edition in that it has been editorially revised and Annex ZA has beenincluded.

Previous edition

DINEN1291: 1998-03.

ENcomprises 6 pages.

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