A 1、A deficiency in educational

2、A survey shows that ambitious

3、All the children in deficient

4、Although he was confronted with

5、Electronic art is a

6、After his graduation from try his luck

7、As you are married spouse

8、A person who has therapist

9、An overwhelming majority

10、A number of formidable

11、a number of (hypotheses)

12、About 100 years theorized

13、After cutting the wheat glean

14、After two hours .manifest

15、almost all the real (stipulate)

16、All the survivors psychotherapy

17、Americans are tilt

18、As a top student. .initiated

19、Any action disrupt

B 1、Between Christmas list

2、Because he was driving deviate

3、Bert*s wife stick by

4、Buying a stretch cost big bucks

5、Bill disliked?was mutual

6、Both sides have?binding on

C1、Could you spare me

2、Climate is especil in the case of

3、Chronic in digestion come in forms D1、During the interview, certainty

2、Do you kown was referred to as

3、Death was criminologist

4、During negotiation contentious

E1、Examples extracted from

2、European TV in comparison

3、Electronic art

4、Examples of successful initiative

5、Educators are worried cocoon


1、Foreign language learners courtesy

2、for different endowments

3、Faced with the to the hilt

4、Feeling a threat depreciate

H1、He is loved by sense

2、He met with be having an affair with

3、He has been watching for every mail

4、He is of American origins

5、He was arrested and committing

6、He is a shrewd

7、He left his seek his fortune

8、He capabilities opening

9、Having the car screwed up

10、His behavior is depressive

11、His friends slapped

12、He showed us all gleanings

13、He took her alarmingly

14、He wangted to to the hilt

15、His life was compartmentalized

16、He was a famous articulately

17、he is a very (sheer)

18、He is quite different s s parkles

I1、It is important that functional

2、In spite of a good confronted

3、It is a very demanding novelty

4、In order to make some lease

5、It is very interesting prevalent

6、It is reported that extracting

7、I couldn*t believe he had a stroke

8、It is really amazing stroke

9、If you want to quit goes with

10、I was born and grew up

11、I still feel it draw a line between

12、I should not let him take on

13、In that country, piled up

14、It is unlikely that amount to

15、If you don*t kown end up

16、I asked him was working out

17、In order to have a touchy

18、In order to prevent in public

19、It is a place where dignity

20、It is the accumulated differentiates

21、I have been ashamed of my refusal

22、I could hear (blundering )

23、In many places laissez-faire 24、In order to attract fluctuates

25、in order to (get into tamper)

26、it is unrealistic(infallible)

27、it is reported that (conned)

28、It was too dark identify

29、It is always prudent

30、It is wrong for destiny

L1、Long time tension deviantly

2、Lioyd has carved a niche for

3、Life was pure misery

M1、Many discoveries sensitivity

2、Many teenagers compulsion

3、Many new and lease

4、Many immigrants deficiency

5、More than twenty confrontation

6、Many people in China going through

7、Most foreign visitors on their own

8、My university, excellence

9、My friends and I overly violent

10、Many people feel run amok

11、Many people stand manifestation

12、Many countries have victims

13、Many people enjoy wrestling

14、Mr.Steele thinks victimization

15、more and more people (wincing)

N1、Nowadays the tradition prevalent

2、Not many people beyond their dreams

3、Nowdays the (instantaneously)

4、Nowadays,some monsters

O1、One evening, stroke

2、On children*s Day, waiting around

3、On this hot irresistible

4、on a hot day (fling off)

P1、People who are sensitive

2、People feel sorry stroking

3、People are expecting be done with it

4、People*s appearance makes a difference

5、Ping Smulling penalty

S1、Some people are very sensitive

2、Statistics reveal prevalent

3、Some scientists and doctor purified

4、Sometimes, leasing an

5、Some people believe hold our people


6、Sometimes, the subtle

7、She likes her new job gallivant

8、Some educators holding back

9、She is quite comfortable with

10、She had a talent for

11、She sang an emotional

12、She suffered burnout

13、She was absent a touch of

14、She bought a stroll

15、she is a good (choked)

16、She's an excellent conscientious

17、Some people want prestige

18、Some problem student identity

19、students who by the book

20、such a kind (After all)

21、surveys made by (fallible)

T1、This book is highlights

2 The applicants documents withheld

3、The Chinese government compulsory

4、Those who plan compulsory

5、The investigation deviation

6、The prevalence of complaints

7、The demerits deficient

8、There is no need extracts

9、Two U.S Army confronted

10、The proverb“spare the rod and spoil the


11、The documents came in response to

12、That pop singer teamed up with

13、They look upon training

14、Ted cleaned out his desk

15、The young generation hates slaving


16、The big company corporate

17、The consulant even devious

18、The actress now estate

19、The young woman greed

20、The policeman took away violated

21、These were creatures so to speak

22、The strange noise turned out

23、They went into a small bar counterpart

24、The experienced businessman counseled

25、The director told the prospective

26、The problem of some adorable

27、The projector is connected with

28、Aside from taking twenty

29、The cultural argument heritage

30、The vegetarian ingredients

31、They are convinced in corporate

32、The minister mandatory

33、The tragedy could averted

34、The U.S. government rash of

35、The best moral sanction

36、There was a definite bias

37、The British Army in the throes of

38、The identical twins adjoining

39、These community are likely to

40、The investigation bureaucrats

41、The university priority

42、Through long-time currency

43、The people’s shrine

44、The differences irreconcilable

45、The governing body constituted

46、The football match wrestling

47、They wrestled the whole day

48、The salesman talked victimized

49、The colour and manifests

50、The saying he gleaned

51、The boy said impulsion

52、The newly-unearthed embodies

53、These sculptures are embodiment

54、The arrangement and embodies

55、The suffering of multitudinous

56、Teachers are required initiate

57、the professor had (obscure)

58、the treasurer (screwed up)

59、the baby kept (embedded)

60、To show our appreciation

61、To express their multitude

62、this man has (credulous)

63、these islands are(nonetheless)

V Viewers in Shanghai at their disposal

W1、We should not turn a blind eye to

2、We saw a lot of flattering

3、With the encouragement take comfort in

4、We had planned make up for it

5、With keen insight,

6、With the development believe in

7、We went to specializes in

8、When we visited at any given moment

9、With the support multitude

10、When she learned that impulse

11、We should carefully impulsive

12、When he was contending

13、Whether the stationed contention

14、When kids meddlesome

Y1、You will be spared the fine

2、Young people tend jump ship

3、You need to bring a spare tire


A project --C、by

A knowledge --C、it

A Brazilian--C、until

A great--D、of which

As you--D、learn better。

As for--B、it is

Any culture--C、seeks.

Aside with --A、Aside from

Accordingly--D、the envy or admiration。

American fire --C、twice。

Abraham---D、would he be.

By--B、facing retirement。

Brush strokes --D、himself

Consider the frequently --B、that。

Civilized peoples--D、then saying that

Congress has been--A、has been wooing

Casualties(伤亡) are said----D、remains.

During the process--A、may

Despite of the fact--A、Despite the fact。

Despite his low --D、one

Don’t make the---D、to say something

Economists have --B、to encourage。

Every paper and--A、was

Ever since the invention---C、has been

Early industrial people---A、

as much energy as.

Fungi are--D、decomposes。

From a business--B、nor

Geothermal sources---C、would end up.

He argues that--B、to have to suffer。

He had turned--D、feeling depressed

His mood--B、deep depression

Had they --C、would have not venture

Health activists--C、were designed

Human beings are playing a---C、paying

for .

Human beings are social--B、to live in.

I would advise--C、become convinced


I didn’t mind their----C、objected to.

I think I would--B、would have enjoyed。

In these days--A、cost of living。

In Latin America--D、fewer than those who

have not。

In order to use--A、effectively。

In what following--A、what follows

In spite of his--D、a young man’s.

In debating --D、however

In an effort--A、better protect

In a recent --D、as the leas t。

If such pervasive--A、so。

If only I would--B、had read。

If our friends---C、make alternative.

If asking--A、If asked

If the highly--C、had anxiety attacks

It is surprising --B、he has read。

It is possible--C、to illustrate。

It looked as--D、behind them。

It was an ---A、accepted.(custom in)

It’s true that the---C、though.

It is no doubt—A There is

It is our decline--B、so that

Just like--A、Just as。

Most of the people--B、most gloriously

Marine biology--C、has furthered

Man requires --B、but。

Musical instruments--D、for which。

No one on this --B、of taking advantage.

No one can predict ---A、what

On this shelf --C、in which

On each side --B、were

On seeing the---C、to his feet.

Our first --A、 requires。

People who lose--C、what they eat.

People seem to --C、depending upon

Some of the support--B、earlier units。

Since the ring --C、has increased。

Since I loved--B、mother-in-law’s.

Scientists reckon--C、but

Sea creatures--C、were changed through

So effective--B、are these techniques

The trouble is that--A、is that with。

The trouble is--D、until。

The chairman of-- B、is。

The sharp --C、partly because it。

The lawyers for --C、be delayed。

The thing she--B、her age。

The more people --D、there will be

The pet dog ---C、of a head injury.

The first English--A、what is.

The teacher said--D、it.

The text and---D、ignored.

The stroke left him---C、impaired.

The university,faced---D、its.

The current anti-procreative--C、of.

The field of --D、acting on。

The suggestion that taxes--A、should be cut

The agreement allows --D、expired

The large number--B、is

The initiative--C、in which

The reason why --C、that

They cannot go camping--D、


Two metal surfaces --D、are reduced

To meat the --A、expanding

To protect --B、it

To be tabled in --B、are

These are some of--C、discussed

There is absolutely no----D、with which.

This time Williams--D、expected

This has caused--C、hardly anything.

Though Art Tatum --C、the other。

Today,the Park—C、protected areas

Up to 30--D、shooting at

Vincent Van Gogh--C、

would never have considered。

We are willing--C、how little it might be

We’d rather have--A、than have

Were it not--B、would not have developed

Were banks increase--B、banks to increase

When a person--C、is judged。

When attempt--A、when an attempt。

When they --C、which was what。

When we are going --A、buy

When we speak --B、or

When sailors--C、go.

With the word---A、By.