Jane Eyre A Shining Soul

Jane Eyre: A Shining Soul

I read a book named Jane Eyre these days. I know many people have already read this book, but I believe that everyone has his own opinions about it, so do I.

First of all, I am willing to introduce the writer of this book. Charlotte Bronte, who was born in Thornton, Yorkshire in 1816, was the third of six children. She has two elder sisters, two younger sisters and one younger brother. Her two younger sisters, Emily Bronte and Anne, are also famous writers. Her mother died when she was very young and her father was a poor pastor. At the age of eight, Charlotte was sent to the Clergy Daughters' School at Cowan Bridge in Lancashire, where the living condition was very difficult. Her two elder sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, were both died because of tuberculosis, so Charlotte, together with her two younger sisters, went back to their hometown. She studied in Ms. Woolen’s school when she was fifteen and later was a teacher of this school. She chose to be a governess afterwards, but she found herself couldn’t bear those rich people’s prejudice, so she gave up this career. Charlotte then wanted to open a school. Thanks to the help of her aunt, Emily and she went together to Italy to study French and German. Although the school didn’t open in the end because nobody went to study there, the learning experiences in Italy aroused her desires of showing herself and made her devoted into the creation of literature. Charlotte’s works mainly described the loneliness, resistance and struggle of the poor. It was Jane Eyre that let readers know who Charlotte Bronte was; although it was her first book, it was a big success. To some degree, Jane Eyre was an incarnation of Charlotte Bronte.

Next, I’ll retell the main plot of Jane Eyre briefly. Jane is an orphan who lives with her aunt and cousins. They all treat her very badly and often bully her. With the help of Dr Lloyd, she leaves Gateshead and goes to Lowood to study. There she makes friends with Helen and Miss Temple. Because of typhus, the living condition of Lowood is improved. Jane becomes a teacher of Lowood after she graduates from it. Then, she leaves Lowood and goes to Thornfield to be a governess. There she meets Mr. Rochester. At first, they don’t get along well with each other, but gradually they fall in love and decide to get married. At their wedding, Jane finally knows that Mr. Rochester has already married and his wife is still alive, so she leaves Thornfield and goes to Whitcross. There she finds her three cousins and she

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