VDA 6.3


Corrective action plan

Quality Management

Process Audit VDA 6.1 & 6.3 Corrective action plan Auditee Tianj in Tasong Aluminum Co., Ltd

Audit elements (product, process) VDA 6.1 & VDA6.3 / air charge pipe, cov er, extention/alminum casting & machining

Date: 17/10/2014

Deadline: 30/11/2014


Report-No.: ES14101700 Auditor: Mr. Emanuel Simon, Mr. Gallin Wang, Brice Xu, Tony Kang

Number of measures: 24

av erage f ulf illment lev el [%] Pt. 分数 Actions Responsible


Ref erence to process audit: No. Ref erence to questionnaire 涉及到的问题点 1.2*Are quality targets in the context of the business planning or in the quality politics fixed and are the results monitored? * 在 业 务 范 围 内 或 在 固定的质量目标及质量的规范的结果监控?* 1.3*Is a continuous process of improvement component of the quality politics? * 是 一 个 连 续 的 质 量 改 进 过 程 组 成 的 质 量 规 范 ? *

Findings, weaknesses 发现,不足项 Quality target (internal and external f ailure rate) is 质量目标(内部的,外部的失效频 f ixed in business plan. Monitor target monthly , 次)此项基于业务计划。每月监控目 but it not link with business plan completely . 标,但是不完全关联业务计划。 No clear continuous improv ement project 无明确的质量改进项目关联在业务目 mentioned in business plan. 标内。 有升级计划,但是没有明确的版本信 息 可行性分析填写不完整

Due date Fullf ilment lev el [%]






P2.7*Is there an established escalation process and is this implemented Hav e escalation plan but hav e no clear v ersion effectively?是 否 有 一 个 既 定 的 升 级 过 程 , 是 有 效 实 施 ? inf ormation. P3.1 Process Are the process-specific requirements laid down? 过程 制定了过程中的具体要求? P4.1 Process Has the process FMEA been drawn up? Are they up-dated as the project progresses and are corrective actions laid down? 过 程 是否具有过程F M E A ?是否岁项目发展进行更新并且有改进计划在其中? P4.4 Process Is the infrastructure in place and appropriate? 过 程 的 基 础设施是否是适当的? P4.7 Process Has a pre-production run been carried out under serial production conditions to obtain production approval / release? 过 程 有一个预生产运行用来进行批量批量生产? P4.8 Process Are the planning activities associated with sourcing outside products and services implemented effectively? 对 于 供 应 商 的 产 品 服 务 的 有 效 性 P4.9 Process Is the transfer of the project to production controlled in order to secure the product launch?项 目 转 量 产 时 可 控 性 P5.1* Are only approved/released and quality-capable suppliers selected? * 选 择 供 应 商 的 标 准 -质 量 合 格 ? P6.1.2 Are the necessary quantities / production batch sizes of incoming materials available at the right time and at

the right place (stores, workstations)?数 量 , 以 及 到 货 规 模 在 合 适 的 时 间 地 点 是 必 要 的 ? Feasibility is not f illed completely .



8 No detailed analy sis f or process (e.g. leakage test). 过程无细节分析(例如 试漏测试)


8 控制试漏测试时间人工?

Control leakage test time mannually.


8 No clear procedure and documentation. 无明确的过程以及文件记载


6 No special f or pattern suppliers. And no clear description f or strength and weakness f or dif f erent kind of part. Recording is not completely . 对供应商无特殊格式,对于供应商的 优势劣势以及不同的产品没有明确的 描述。 记录不完整




8 Suppliers of plant, machines, tools not audited. 供应商规模,设备,模具无审核。


8 #REF! 仅小批生产 #REF!


#REF! 当前小批生产,每件产品无明确规则 。 #REF!


P6.1.3 #REF! Are incoming materials stored appropriately and are transport facilities / packing arrangements suitable for the special characteristics of the incoming materials?来 料 仓 储 , 运 输 安 排 P6.1.4 Are the necessary identifications / records / approvals available #REF! and allocated appropriately to the incoming materials?进 料 记 录 , 证 明 材 料的确认是否必要? P6.1.5 #REF! Are changes to the product or the process in the course of serial production tracked and documented?变 更 管 理 是 否 有 文 件 记 录 P6.2.1*Are all the relevant details listed in the production and #REF! test/inspection documents, based on the production control plan? 生 产 相关细节,检测文件等基于控制计划? P6.2.4* #REF! Are significant characteristics controlled in production? * 所 有 指 标 在 生 产中可控? P6.2.6 Is the flow of materials and parts secured against mixing / wrong #REF! items? P6.3.1 #REF! Are operators given responsibilities and authority to monitor the quality of product and process?操 作 者 有 责 任 或 授 权 监 控 过 程 质 量 ? P6.4.1 How are the maintenance and overhaul of production facilities / tools controlled?设 备 维 护 控 制 P6.4.3 Are the work-stations and test/inspection areas suitable for requirements?工 作 区 以 及 检 测 区 域 是 否 符 合 要 求 ? P6.5.1 Are target requirements set for product and process?产 品 或 过 程 设 定 目 标要求? P6.6.3 Are products / components stored in an appropriate manner and are transport facilities / packing arrangements suitable for the special characteristics of the products / components?产 品 部 件 储 存 在 合 理 的 地 方,包装运输合理化 #REF!




#REF! 变更管理不明确 #REF!


#REF! 无包装指导 #REF!


#REF! cpk 不清晰 #REF!


#REF! 目前小批生产 #REF!


#REF! 产线长以及操作者没有得到明确的答 案关于自检。责任划分不明确,无文 件记录温度…

没有可供检查的格式 #REF!




#REF! #REF! 紧固需要改进(例如. 验具在检测 区) #REF! 目前小批生产 #REF!




#REF! #REF! 仅小批生产包装区,不同产品无细节 说明 #REF!





P7.4* If there are deviations from quality requirements, are failure Validation is not implemented completely . analyses carried out and corrective actions implemented effectively? * 质 量要求,失效分析的对策以及有效性? P7.6 Are personnel qualified for the various tasks and are Need strengthen English ability . responsibilities defined? 个 人 的 能 力 要 求


8 外语能力需要强化




Status 06/11

DEUTZ AGCorrective action plan

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VDA 6.3

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