M8 U2热点单项选择练习题

1. Language gives us _________ ability to communicate at ___________ much higher level than any other animals.

A. an; /

B. /; the

C. an; the

D. the; a

2. I lay in a sofa enjoying the beautiful music John had ______ out of his DVD.

A. come

B. it come

C. it coming

D. coming

3. ---The weather forecast says that it will rain tomorrow.

--- , I’ll have to stay at home.

A. If it will

B. If not

C. If not so

D. If so

4. _______________, I can see that those terrible events shaped me into the person I am today.

A. Having looked back

B. Looking back

C. Being looking back

D. To be looking back

5. --- Students should try to do a little studying every evening throughout the term, rather than study all

night during the week before the exam.

--- Exactly. ____________.

A. Practice makes perfect

B. The early bird catches the worm

C. Slow but sure wins the race

D. Delays are dangerous

6. ---I slipped on the stairs. I think my arm is broken.

--- Oh! I _______.

A. do not hope to

B. do not hope

C. hope not so

D. hope not

7. The youth like to follow the latest_______ in fashion, ____ we think is understandable.

A. tend, which

B. trend, which

C. tend, what

D. trend, what

8. Having been in hospital for six months, he felt as if he was _______ from the outside world.

A. cut out

B. cut up

C. cut off

D. cut through

9. ----I’m surprised to hear that Sue and Paul have_________.

-----So I am. They seemed very happy together when I last saw them.

A. broken up

B. finished up

C. divided up

D. closed up

10. Now I’ll present the facts __________.

A. on which to be based my opinion

B. which to base on my opinion

C. upon which to base my opinion

D. on which my opinion to base

11. Thousands of people _____ to watch yesterday’s match against Ireland.

A. turned on

B. turned in

C. turned around

D. turned out

12. The shy girl _____ dance before so many strangers, ______ she?

A. daren’t ;does

B.daren’t ; dare

C. doesn’t dare ; dare

D. dare not; dares

13. I can’t see any coffee in this cupboard. ?

A. Has it all been finished

B. Was it all finished

C. Has it all finished

D. Did it all finish

14. There is agreement on this issue, that is, we all agree that war causes misery.

A. necessary

B. splendid

C. universal

D. essential

15. The foreigner can speak English, he can speak French .

A. neither

B. also

C. either

D. as well