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name - v. to appoint; to nominate; to give a name to; n. a word by which a person, animal or thing is known or called

narrow - ad. limited in size or amount; not wide; having a short distance from one side to the other

nation - n. a country, together with its social and political systems

native - n. someone who was born in a place, not one who moved there

natural - ad. of or about nature; normal; common to its kind

nature - n. all the plants, animals and other things on earth not created by humans; events or processes not caused by humans
navy - n. the part of a country's military force trained to fight at sea

near - ad. not far; close to

necessary - prep. needed to get a result or effect; required

need - v. to require; to want; to be necessary to have or to do

negotiate - v. to talk about a problem or situation to find a common solution

neither - ad. not one or the other of two

neutral - ad. not supporting one side or the other in a dispute

never - ad. at no time; not ever

new - ad. not existing before; not known before; recently made, built, bought or grown; another; different

news - n. information about any recent events, especially as reported by the media

next - ad. coming immediately after; nearest

nice - ad. pleasing; good; kind

night - n. the time between when the sun goes down and when it rises, when there is little or no light

no - ad. used to reject or to refuse; not any; not at all noise - n. sound, especially when loud

nominate - v. to name someone as a candidate for an election; to propose a person for an office or position

noon - n. the middle of the day; twelve o'clock in the daytime

normal - n. the usual condition, amount or form; ad. usual; what is expected

north - n. the direction to the left of a person facing the rising sun

not - ad. a word showing that something is denied or untrue ("She is not going.")

note - v. to talk about something already known; n. a word or words written to help a person remember; a short letter

nothing - n. not anything; no thing

now - ad. at this time; immediately

nowhere - ad. not in, to or at any place

nuclear - ad. of or about the energy produced by splitting atoms or bringing them together; of or about weapons that explode by using energy from atoms

number - n. a word or sign used to show the order or amount of things 字头O
obey - v. to act as one is ordered to act

object - v. to show that one does not like or approve; to protest; n. something not alive that can be seen or touched

observe - v. to watch; to look at carefully; to celebrate or honor something ("They will observe the anniversary of the day she was born.")

occupy - v. to take and hold or to control by force

ocean - n. the area of salt water that covers almost seventy-five percent

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