unit5 food and Health教师

Unit 5 Food and Health

Clip one Ordering Food Culture Tips

1. In the western hemisphere cookery has evolved largely according to the ethnic background of the settlers, as modified by their immediate requirements and the available produce in the regions they settled. Thus, in Canada, native foodstuffs have been adapted to a need, in a harsh climate, for high caloric intake and are cooked according to French and English tastes. In the United States food has been and still is cooked according to the styles of successive waves of immigrants ---with English, German, Dutch, Creole, and African influences predominating until recently. In Latin American, cookery has been influenced, in varying degrees, by the methods of Spain, Portugal, and Africa.

2. In Britain and the US, many bars and restaurants offer dishes from all over the world. However, if you especially like French, Italian, Lebanese, Indian or Chinese food, you can choose restaurants which specialize in this kind of cooking.

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