新 东 方 英 语 900 句

Lesson One Greetings

Core Sentences

1. Good morning Mrs. Brown. How are your doing? 2. I am doing well, thank you. And you?

3. How is your husband? 4. Alan was sick last week. But now he feels better.

5. Please give my regards to him. 6. Jenny, I havn't seen you an ages. You look great today.

7. Thanks John. It's really been a long time. 8. How is everything going? 9. Not bad, Thanks.

10. What's going on with you study? 11. I'm working on my English now. 12. What's up, body?

13. Not much, how about you? 14 I'm going to an browd next week.

Dialog Exercises

Number One

A. Hello Bill, long time no see.How are you? B. I'm fine. Thank you, and you.

A. I'm fine, too. Thank you.How is your wife? B. She was sick last week, but she is much better now. Thank you.

A. Please give my regards to her.

Number Two

A. Hi, Jerry, is that you? Long time no see. B. Yes, it's been long. How is your study?

A. I'm working on my final paper. And you? B. I'm working on Englsih. I work real hard.

Number Three

A. Hi Sandro, long time now see. B. Oh, morning Linda.It's nice to see you.You look great today.

A. How has thing been these days? B. Can't be better. I got better pay job last week.

A. That's wonderful, how is your husband? B. Jerry had a headace yesterday, but now he feels much better.

A. I hope he will recomver soon. Please give my regards to him. B. I sure will. Thanks.

Core Sentences

1. What is your name? 2. My name is Alexander, Smith. Just call me Alex.

3. Is Lee your first name? 4. It is my family name.In China, we put our surname first.

5. Jiang is one of the most common surname in China.

6. Her name is Susan n Armstrong. N is an abrreviation of her middle name.

7. May I have your name, Miss? 8. I'm Gary, Rice. I'd like to be called Gary. And yours?

9. My name is Linda, Wilson. I was named after my grandmother. How do you spell your first name.

10. My first name is spelled G A R Y. How do your pronounce your last name? 11. It is pronounced Gary.

12. Sorry. What did you say your name was? 13. You must be Mr. John, Kennedy. You name proceeds your.

Dialog Exercises.

Number one Meeting a new classmate.

A. Good morning, how are you? B. Fine, thank you. And you? A. I'm fine. Are you a new comer to the class?

B. Yes, I am. I am Hans. A. What is your surname? B. My surname is Wilhelm. I'm Hans, Wilhelm.

A. Will you spell your surname? B. Wilhem, W I L H E L M. A. Nice to meet you Hans. B. Nice to meet you Hanry. Number two. At the hotel receptionist

A. Good morning, I'm Oric, Lehner. I made a reservation. B. Sorry, what did you say what's your name?

A. I'm Oric, Lehner. B. Is Lehner your surname? A. Yes, my surname is Lenard, and my givven name is Oric.

B. Will you spell your surname? A. Lehner, L E H N E R.

B. Wait a moment, please. I'm browsing the computer record. Yes, Mr.Lehner, you have a reservation. This is the key and the room card ro room 404.

Number Three. What is your name?

A. Excuse me, is this seat taken? B. No, you can sit here. A. Thank you.

B. So, are you new here? I seem not match you before A. I just came from Japan last week. I'm an exchange student.

B. Nice to meet you. My name is Jodge, Moris. Call me Jodge. A. Hello, Jodge, My name is Ternaca, Honami.

B. Shall I call you Miss Ternaca or Miss Honami? A. Miss Ternaca. Or Ternaca San in Japanese.

B. So Honami is your givven name?

A. Right, and Ternaca is a very popular Japanese surname. In Japan, we put our surname first.

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