1. Unit Price: US$ ****(US Dollars:****Only) Per Dry Metric Ton Cost, Insurance, Fright (C.I.F) Shanghai port, P.R. China. Basis content *****.

2. If content*****Above / below than 60% Max the Basic Price shall be Increased /decreased Fraction scale Pro-rata USD11.50 (US Dollar: Eleven point Fifty Cent) per centigrade. But content ****must above than 55%.

3. If content *** below 55%, cargo shall be rejected and they must not in any case be loaded onto

4. Both Seller and Buyer agree to review the Selling Price on every 2 (two) shipments.


CIF Shanghai Port, P.R. China. Incoterms ICC 2000


Unless otherwise agreed to by the parties, the quantity (all quantities being in tons)of the ****to be purchased during each monthly period shall be the quantity specified in the Delivery Order issued by BUYER prior to each and any shipment. By giving SELLER notice at least 21 (twenty one) working days before the beginning of each Period, BUYER may increase or decrease the quantity for such period subject to SELLER’S a pproval. BUYER recognizes that SELLER'S delivery capability may not be uniform.

Trial Shipment shall be at 500DMT in SELLER’S option. Monthly base Quantity shall be at 500DMT~1000DMT per month or more for the period of twelve (12) months performing contract, the exact quantity for each shipment will be agreed 7 working days period to the date of L/C opening by both SELLER and buyer.


1. The ZIRCON SAND shall be delivered to BUYER at destination sea port assigned by BUYER currently planned to be in Shanghai Port, P.R. China.

2. Goods shall be packaged per 50 Kgs of ZIRCON SAND in polypropylene Bags.

3. Partial shipment and transshipment are allowed

4. First shipment will be shipped not later than 14 (Four teen) days after receipt of operative Letter of Credit at Seller’s bank

5. 500mt~1000 MT monthly quantity (from 2nd to 13th

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