Unit 3

Unit 3

II. Basic Listening Practice

1. Script

W: Chinese students are often too shy to say anything in class.

M: I think they don’t speak because their culture values modesty,and they don’t want to be showing off. Goes back to Confucius.

Q: Why don’t Chinese students say in class according to the man?

C) They are modest.

2. Script

W: The government is doing something at last about sex discrimination in the work place. Women deserve the same pay as men for the same work.

M: Yeah. In the United States, women earn only 70 percent of what men get for the same job. It’s a situation that has to be changed.

Q: What does the man say about the women?

A) They earn less than men.

3. Script

W: I admire Michael Dell. He had a dream to be the world’s largest manufacture of personal computers, and he has realized that dream.

M: And he dropped out of university to become a success. I wonder if there is a lesson in that.

Q: What do we learn about Michael Dell from the dialog?

D) He succeeded in his career though he did not complete his education.

4. Script

M: Successful entrepreneurs are often self-made people who have a vision and know where they are going.

W: But do they enjoy life like you and me, or is money their only concern? Q: What are the two speakers’ attitudes toward successful entrepreneurs?

D) The man admires the entrepreneur but the woman does not.

5. Script

W: Do you agree that equal opportunity for all in an educational system is important?

M: Yes, but we have to recognize that all of us are not of equal ability. Q: What does the man imply?

A) We should acknowledge differences between students.

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