Like a baby deer lost in the forest, and life is like the hunter.

I don't make it a habit of hanging around women that don’t have interest in being with me.


Sometimes when people love each other very much, they need time apart, so when come back together, their love is even stronger.

That in an all-time low, even for you, Frank.


The best thing about mistakes is,we get to correct them.

《Shameless》S3E8 :

“Turning tricks" is an euphemism for prostitution.变戏法是卖身的委婉说法。

In her day, your great aunt was a legendary pole smoker.Could unlock her jaw like a Burmese python.她当年可是吹箫界的传奇,嘴巴可以像蟒蛇一样张开。


I’m a pauper,and somehow I got the king’s disease.我是个穷光蛋,却得了国王病。 I'm the fluffer and they’re the happy ending?我负责前戏,他们负责嘿咻是吧?

Sometimes when you’re feeling really bad, if you make yourself look better on the outside, it can start to make you feel better on the inside. My mom calls it,”Taking it from the outside in.”有时,当你感觉很糟的时候,如果把外表打扮起来,很快心里也会跟着好起来。我妈管这个叫“由外至内美丽法。”


You saw what I did here. I’m your new rainmaker. 你见识到我的能力了。我是你的摇钱树。 He needs to tone it down, please.请他得注意下言辞。

We’re paving a road back to god, and devil has erected obstacles that call for rule-bending in