In this part, I will talk about the challenge and benefit a global managers will face .through increasing understanding of this ,we can train and develop them targeted。

First of all,let us discuss about The reason why global managers accept their first international assignment?

the major motives for accepting the first assignment were for instance personal interest in internationalism and a related search for new experiences, learning and career possibilities.

Economic factors, the company needs ,related initiatives of employers played rather a secondary role after these key concerns.

Now ,let’s move to the benefit as a global managers。The international career will bring some effects on individuals and their families.

During Work on abroad ,the global managers will gain certain characteristics such as flexibility, adjustment capabilities, open-mindedness, extroversion, humbleness and personal interest in learning and development。

For the family,International experiences were perceived to offer a lot of similar development possibilities and Multiculturalism to family members as to the

expatriates themselves. In addition ,family members especially children will become more familiar with different cultures。

Apart from above there are also some other benefit for the global managers 。

1、Such as monetary issues:as we all know ,high subsidies, cost-of-living and taxation differences across countries may have an important impact on the standard of living.

2、As international experiences were typically seen to broaden one’s mind and to give new expanded perspectives on things,so it is good for personal learning and development。

3、At last, it can satisfy personal interest in internationalization and a related search for new experiences 。

One coin has two sides, the global managers will also face many challenges and difficulty。

1、 First ,they should experienced challenges such as constant adjustment

needs ,It is always very difficult to really understand how organizations

function and people think in some countries, and that global managers should have to be ready to start from zero in each location。

2、Second ,it is hard to keep long-term personal connections when moving

regularly from one location to another ,the challenges concerning personal relationships both with relatives and friends were considered to be a difficult。

3、Third,An international environment is not an easy environment in which to

start family life or keep family life and working life in balance.

4、In the end, global managers should face the adjustment challenges of repatriation.

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