Simultaneous Reduction and Surface Functionalization of Graphene Oxide by Mussel-Inspired Chemistry

imultaneous Reduction and Surface Functionalization S

of Graphene Oxide by Mussel-Inspired Chemistry

Simultaneous Reduction and Surface Functionalization of Graphene Oxide by Mussel-Inspired Chemistry

y Sung Min Kang ,Sungjin Park ,Daewon Kim ,Sung Young Park ,Rodney S. Ruoff ,B

and Haeshin Lee *



Simultaneous Reduction and Surface Functionalization of Graphene Oxide by Mussel-Inspired Chemistry

he DOPA-Lys motif provided a new T

insight into the identi cation of cat-echolamines as they share key chemical functionality with the side chains of DOPA-Lys: catechol from DOPA and amine from

lysine. Catecholamines such as dopamine and norepinephrine have been studied as ‘minimalist mimics’ of Mefp-5 (Figure 1c ), and it was found that they have the ability [7to modify virtually any material surfaces. ] For instance, oxidative polymerization of

dopamine modi ed a wide variety of sur-faces, and, moreover, the functionalized surfaces were chemically active to various thiol- or amine-containing molecules,

demonstrating a new platform of surface chemistry. Nore-1. Introduction

pinephrine, a derivative of dopamine, also forms chemically

Adhesion pads of marine mussels have been intensively

adherent lms on virtually all material surfaces, including

analyzed and mimicked due to their robustness, versatility,

poly(tetra uoroethylene) (PTFE), under alkaline conditions via

and applicability of mimics such as adhesives for biomedical

oxidative polymerization. The poly(norepinephrine) layer acts [1–7devices and surface modi cation reagents. ] A high content

as a platform for surface-initiated, ring-opening polymeriza-of 3,4-dihydroxy-L-phenylalanine (DOPA) and lysine (Lys) has [9tion. ] Besides the polydopamine and poly(norepinephrine) been found in the mussel adhesive protein Mefp-5 ( Mytilus

coatings, the mussel-inspired surface chemistry has been

edulis foot protein-5) located at the top of the adhesive pad,

widely implemented for various purposes, including mate-[8which is in direct contact with substrates. ] The DOPA-Lys [10rial-independent layer-by-layer deposition, ] surface func-motif, which is ~ 40 mol% of the total amino acid content of [11tionalization of iron oxide nanoparticles ] and gold nano-Mefp-5, plays a crucial role in the adhesion of marine mussels, [12particles, ] material-independent surface immobilization of [7,8]Mytilus edulis( Figure 1 a,b ). [13[14proteins, ] enhancement of cell ] and hydroxyapatite adhe-[15][16]sions, modi cation of medical devices, and formation of

[17]polymer capsules.

[] Dr. S. M. Kang ,Mr. D. Kim ,Prof. H. Lee Despite the widespread use of mussel-inspired surface chem- Department of Chemistry and Graduate School of istry, surface functionalization of carbon nanomaterials such as Nanoscience & Technology (WCU)

graphene or graphene oxide remains unexplored. In particular, KAIST Institute of NanoCentury. KAIST

the chemical modi cation of graphene oxide has received a Daejeon 305–701, Korea

[18–30]great deal of attention for a wide range of applications. E-mail: A representative example is cross-linking of graphene oxide Prof. S. Park Department of Chemistry by divalent anions and polyallylamine, resulting in enhanced Inha University [18,19]mechanical strength ‘paper-like’ materials. Chemical Incheon 402–751, Korea

reduction of graphene oxide has produced various graphene-Prof. S. Y. Park based materials that exhibit excellent electrical, thermal, and Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

[20,25–30]mechanical properties. Chungju National University, Korea

Herein, we report a facile method for the surface modi ca-Prof. R. S. Ruoff Department of Mechanical Engineering tion of graphene oxide utilizing mussel-inspired catecholamine and the Texas Materials Institute reagent, poly(norepinephrine) (pNor). pH-triggered oxidative the University of Texas at Austin

polymerization of norepinephrine (i.e. pNor) resulted in chemi-One University Station C2200, 78712, USA

cally functionalized graphene oxide. Further investigations of the pNor-coated graphene oxide revealed simultaneous surface DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201001692

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