Learning a Foreign Language

Learning a Foreign Language

As globalisation becomes the increasingly dominant worldwide trend, learning a new language is becoming ever more important. By learning a foreign language, there are many benefits to be gained; such as an increased chance of gaining employment in transnational corporations and self convenience when you are travelling overseas. However, there are some disadvantages too; for example, it costs a lot of money and effort to learn a language, but you may not get satisfactory results. But despite all the arguments about whether learning a foreign language is beneficial, there is no doubt that it is becoming one of the important skills one must acquire in order to survive in the modern age.

Firstly, learning a foreign language can bring a lot of advantages. The most important one is that it can add significantly to your resume. In an age when internet and I-phones rule the world, communication between different countries is just as easy as talking to your next door neighbour. But what if the people from these two countries cannot understand each other because they speak a different language? This is where knowing a foreign language becomes handy. It can solve not only your personal communication issues but can also help you gain a career in the translating industry, or perhaps entering a transnational company. Learning about different cultures and languages can also enrich our own understanding of the world and the other people that live in it. Thus, learning a new language has cultural significances and can improve one’s future prospect.

On the other hand, there are also disadvantages to learning a new language. It costs a lot of time and effort to try to learn a new language; now you need to ask yourself, is it worth it? It turns out that it is very difficult to learn a foreign language well if you are not living in that country. For example, it is not like that you can speak fantastic French if you have never been to a French-speaking country. A lot of the times, a language is based on habits rather than the rules of grammar. And you cannot acquire that habit if you do not live in that certain community in that certain country. Thus it is very difficult to learn a foreign language well on your own, and it may take up an amount of your time and money that is disproportionate to its benefits.

In conclusion, learning a foreign language has two sides to it. It may improve your employment prospects and enrich your cultural understandings; but may also cost a lot of money, time and effort. However, whatever the argument on whether it is good to learn a foreign language; there is no doubt that it had become a very important part of the education and training of the modern age.

Experience of learning foreign language, having a different life

I once thought that it was enough for a Chinese to be good at the language of our own country. Following the development of our country and the policy of opening up, international communication becomes more and more frequently. And we need pass the voice of China to the world by using the world's official language – English. With the advance of my knowledge level, I know more and more affair that happen in the whole world, and I also realize the necessary of getting familiar with a foreign language, which not only is very helpful for us to communicate with foreigners, but also responds quite properly to the need for our city to build the modern and international New East District, and the talent group with international horizon positively. Ten years ago, when I was a junior high school student, it was my first time to learn the English letters. I felt fresh and thought the mysterious foreign language was full of curiosity. In English courses I always felt excited especially when I answered teachers’ questions in front of the class or said a complete sentence in English which appears very simple now, and all these things made me feel very proud.

Unfortunately, there were not enough proper facilities for us to learn English, and even worse the pronunciations of those English teachers were varied. There was no need for us to expect talking with foreigners face to face. Although learning a foreign language was very "trendy", we must face with the embarrassment of "hard to open mouth”. I even did not have access to the computer or MP3, so I practiced the ability of Listening, speaking, reading and writing by listening to the tape recorder again and again. I formed my studying methods and laid basis for learning English at that time.

When I came to college in Beijing, compared with the students who were from different provinces across the country, I clearly found that their English was so proficiency, while mine was still remains in the stage of passing examinations, and there was a large section of the distance to practical application. I knew little about the daily exchanges slang, the basic livelihood of etiquette and common sense of English-speaking countries. Facing with the questions of foreign teachers from the United States, what I can do is responding with "pardon" or "I'm sorry” in most time. But it did not make me feel frustration or discouraged, I was determined to learn English. Luckily my English teacher was very kind to me .He constantly encouraged me and gave me a lot of good suggestions. He told me to learn English as a communication language just like to learn the

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