keeping pets


Keeping pets

Nowadays, it can be easily found that there is an increasing number of families having pets, such as dogs, cats, and even rats. With regard to this phenomenon, different people hold different opinions.

For those people strongly opposed to keeping pets, they think that pets can cause many problems. On the one hand, taking care of them costs much time, especially for working people who are exhausted after a day’s work. On the other hand, without timely care for them, pets can be source of virus and sometimes they even strike people, which is dangerous.

However, other people think that pets can be good friends. Particularly, pets will bring happiness and comforts to those lonely old people whose children have little time to visit them. What’s more, pets’ appearance and actions are usually lovely and fascinating.

From my perspective, it is acceptable to keep pets at home. But careful attention to them is essential, after all pets still can cause some unexpected problems.


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