8AUnit 1

8AUnit 1

一、 重要的短语和句型:

1. something to eat/drink 吃的/喝的东西

2. have some more food 再吃一点食物(注意more与another之间的转换)

3. share sth. with sb. 与某人分享某物 4. nothing else 没有别的东西

5. know sb. well 对某人很了解 6. keep a secret/secrets forsb. 为某人保守秘密

7. make sb. do sth.使某人做某事 make me laugh 使我笑

8. make sb./sth.+形容词 使某人/某物处于……状态

make me happy/sad/angry 使我高兴/悲伤/生气

9. have some problems with sth./doing sth. 在某方面有问题/做某事问题

10.share one s joy 分享某人的快乐

11. believe what he says=believe his words 相信他的话

12. as slim as…与……一样苗条 13.one of my best friends 我的好朋友之一

14. be willing to do sth. 乐意某事 15. be ready to do sth.乐意/准备好做某事

16. help me with my homework=help me do/to do homework帮助我做家庭作业

17. give seats to someone in need 给需要的人让座

18. travel around the world 周游世界 19.have poor eyesight 视力差

20. because of working on the computer too much 因为电脑用的太多

21. wear glasses戴眼镜the boy with glasses/wearing glasses 那个戴眼睛的男孩

22. have a good sense of humour很有幽默感 (humorous 幽默的)

have no sense of humour 没有幽默感

23. feel bored 感到厌倦 a boring film 一部无聊的电影

24. walk past走路经过 25. knock …off 把……碰掉/撞倒

26. say a bad word about sb.说某人坏话. 27. be generous to sb. 对某人慷慨

28. be good at telling jokes 擅长于讲笑话 29. an honest person 一位诚实的人

30. vote for sb. 投票选某人,投某人的票

31. as +形/副的原级+as 与……一样 as young/old as 与……一样小/大

32. not as/so +形/副的原级+as = less …than… 不及/不如

not as interesting as = less interesting than 不及/不如……有趣

33. sing for people 为人们唱歌 34. listen to people s problem 听人们的问题

35. solve/work out problems 解决问题

36. try to be kind to people 尽力对人们友好

37. a social worker 一位社会工人 38. will be happy 将高兴

39.my future plan我的未来打算/计划 in the future 在将来

40. hope to become a famous singer 希望成为著名的歌星

be famous for…因……而著名 be famous as …作为……而出名

41. It s great to sing for people. 为人们唱歌很好。

42. What is he like? 他为人怎样?/ 他长得什么样子?

43. these days 这些日子,最近 44. move to spl. 搬到某地

45. feel really uncomfortable 感到真不舒服

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