Unit8 The Business World六课时

Unit8 The Business World

年级:高二 科目:英语 课型:新课 主备人: 时间: 学习目标

1.知识与技能:1.掌握本节课重点短语并能正确运用它们。 2.理解本文的重点句子.完成相关练习题。 2.过程与方法 :自主学习,先学后教





1、It takes both rain and sunshine to craete rainbow. It takes ... to do ..."花费...去做某事" It took me two hours to do my homework .

It will take us five days to go through the desert. 2、 Lives are no differences.生活也没有什么不同 be no +名词,表示“绝不(非)... ” 【eg】He is no fool .他绝不是傻瓜。 【eg】He is no poet.他绝非诗人。

3、We cannot control all the events (that happen in our lives),but we can control (how we deal with them).我们无法控制生活中发生的所有事件,但我们可以控制如何应付它们。 deal with处理、应付

1) My brother is good at dealing with the relationship between people. 2) They could properly deal with all kinds of situations . 他能恰当地应付各种局面

be under one’s control 在某人的控制下 be out of control 失控

1) My son was under my control when he was young, but now he is out of control. 2) The dinosaurs were out of control.

4、If we handle our bad luck wisely,the situation may take a turn for the better.如果我们明智地操控坏运气,情况可能会向好的方面转化。

take a turn for the better "好转、向好的方面转化"

1) Things will take a turn for the better next month.下个月情况会好转的。 2) I believe the market will take a turn for the better in the near future. Try to Recite (Part I 1)

both rain and sunshine create

Lives are

There are always to everything. There is and

There is and ; and

We cannot all the events happen in our lives, but we can how we them. If we can our bad luck , the may for the better.

The following story can give us some 考点

There be 句型

谓语动词要遵循就近原则。 Practice 2

There is a teacher and several students. There are several students and a teacher.

1) There (be) one or two things I’d like to know about. 2) There (be) a pair of glasses on Lucy’s desk. 3) There (be) a man at the door.

4) There (be) some girls in the room.

5) There (be) a pen and some books on the desk. 6) There (be) many pens and a book on the table.

5、In 1904,the World‘s Fair was held in St.louis,Missouri,USA. the World's Fair"世界博览会",也称作World Expo

6、The Fair offered people an opportunity to learn first -hand information about the wonders and the cultures far from their everyday lives. offer sb sth"为某人提供某物"类似的结构还有 offer sth to sb provide sb with sth provide sth for sb supply sb with sth supply sth to sb

She offered to lend me her bike. 她提出将自行车借给我

We offered him 10,000 yuan for his house.我们愿出一万元钱来购买他的房子。 Try to Recite (Part II 2-3)

In 1904, was held in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. from around the world their products the Fair. For in 1904,the city of St. Louis became the “ ” Richard Blenchynder was a

His was to sell his tea the Fair.

the strong to his business, he gave free samples of hot tea to It was hot no one his hot tea.

Although he to customers, no one was a glass of hot tea.

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