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FM 简介 FM Introduction

FM成立于1835年,是美国最严格的质量控制机构之一。经过170年的发展, 其业务范围已涵盖保险,认证,消防,标准的研发和设计等诸多领域。 FM was established in 1835, is one of the most strict quality control institutes in the United States. After 170 years of development, the business scope has covered insurance, certification, fire protection, standards development and design.

全球范围内有一定的消防产品生产企业以能够获得FM的产品的认证为荣, 也是一种质量的象征。在全球范围内一般只有获得FM认证的消防产品才能 够投保有关的财产险或者火灾险,否则保险公司拒绝保险人投保。

Most of the global product manufactures are proud of their products with FM Approvals, which is also a symbol of high-quality. Normally, only fire products with FM Approvals can be gotten the property insurance or fire insurance. 江 苏 省 建 设 集 团 公 司 China Jiangsu Construction Corp.

FM CertificatePPT

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