ADM 2381 Topics


ADM 2381 Topics – Winter 2013

Topic 1 – Informative Presentation

Professional sports has a long history of playing seasons being compromised due to disagreements between players and owners, which often leads to cancelled games. As the spokesperson for a particular sports team or team ownership group (you must pick a team and a city), you have been tasked with presenting the economic impacts each set of demands could have on the team, the sport, sports fans and the community at large.

Topic 2 – Informative Presentation

Increasingly, the National Capital Region (NCR) is competing with other Canadian and international cities for tourists. Over the last number of years, your company has been responsible for developing the strategy to attract tourists to the NCR. You have now been tasked to make recommendations on how you can improve this strategy and implement new initiatives over the next three years to ensure the NCR can continue to compete with other tourist destinations.

Topic 3 – Persuasive Presentation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become increasingly important for companies over the last 10-15 years. As a senior executive in a Canadian company, you have been tasked with enhancing your

co mpany’s offering around CSR. You must convince the company’s Board of Directors why your initiatives will be beneficial while at the same time being cost efficient.

Topic 4 – Persuasive Presentation

The debate between a private or public health care system has long been discussed in Canada especially given the differences between the system in Canada and the United States. As a senior official in Health Canada, you have been tasked with outlining what you believe are the key economic differences between a public and private system indicating which you believe is most beneficial to the Canadian population moving forward.

Topic 5 – Informative/ Persuasive Presentation

Big-box stores (students must focus on one big-box store) are becoming more prevalent in small communities across Canada. Because of this, your task is to either:

1) Be a Council member of the municipality in favour of opening the big-box store focusing on the benefits and possibilities linked to the store opening, or

2) Be a Council member of the municipality against opening the big-box store in your community, petitioning the rest of the municipality to stop the opening.

Note that you must choose from the following companies: Home Depot, IKEA, Target, Lowe’s, Rona, Winners/Homesense, or Shoppers Drug Mart.

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