Unit 7

我们刚开始一个新的工作,肯定会有很多东西不熟悉.(be bound to)

Whenever we start a new job,there are bound to be a lot of things we may not be familiar with. 这种新药已经成功地用在动物身上,但这并不意味着它在人类身上也适用.(be applied to) This new medicine/drug has successfully been used on animals,but this doesn’t mean that it can be applied to humans.

他这次演讲比赛没能得第一名主要是因为他缺乏信心.(lack of)

His failure to win the first prize in the speech competition is largely due to his lack of confidence.

对于一般人来说,忧郁症(depression)很容易跟压力混淆,因为忧郁症也可以是某些压力的反应.(be confused with)

To the general public,depression can be easily confused with stress,as it may be a response to some types of stress.

世界粮食的生产将越来越难跟上世界人口的日益增长.(keep pace with)

It is becoming increasingly difficult for world food production to keep pace with the continuing 且让我再次感谢大家的参与,祝你们工作顺利.(it remains to sb. to do sth.)

For now,it remains to me to thank you once more for joining us and wish you good luck in your work.

我一开始就说过,他会给我们惹麻烦的.(right from the beginning) I said right from the beginning that he would cause us trouble. Unit 4

只有那些有过类似经历的人,才能够完全理解这一点.(live through)

Only those who have lived through s similar experience can fully appreciate this./The only people who can fully appreciate this are those who have lived through a similar experience. 科学家们一直没弄明白这些粒子是怎么形成、又是如何相互作用的.(figure out)

Scientists have been hard pressed to figure out how these particles form/are formed and interact(with one another).

我要特别感谢每一个在这些年来以不同方式做出了贡献的人.(in one way or another)

I’d like to express my special thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years in one way or another.

团队环境中员工个人的成功能带来公司的成功.(result in)

growth of the world’s population.

要成功地得到一份工作,需要很多因素一起发挥作用,这些因素包括你的技能、文凭和工作经验.(come into play)

To successfully get a job,a lot of factors need to come into play,including your skills,diploma and work experience. Unit 8


The judge asked the reporters not to disclose the name of the victim. 老师费尽苦心务使我们全都理解他说的话.(take pain to do sth.) The teacher took pains to make sure that we all understood what he said. 最近学校在学业优秀的学生中进行了一项调查.(conduct,attain)

Recently the school conducted a survey among those students who have attained academic excellence.


He said he would accept the job,so we have asked him to confirm his acceptance by writing us a letter.

乔治学习很努力,他要尽量利用学习的机会.(make the most of)

George studies very hard.He wants to make the most of his chance to learn. 我们不能去。第一,天太冷.另外,我们正忙着.(to begin with) We can’t go.To begin with,it’s too cold.Besides,we’re busy. 该是有人公开讲清楚这些基本事实的时候了.(speak up)

It’s about time that someone spoke up for these basic truths/facts. 不要说做这事没用,长远看会有好结果的.(pay off)

Don’t say it is profitless to do this.The effort will pay off in the long run. Unit 1

在生活中,我们最愚蠢的行为就是太执著于自己的东西,不愿意放弃.(cling to sth.,let go) In life,our stupidest course of action is to cling too much to what we have and refuse to let go. 我愿意在IT行业工作,但我不知如何着手.(go about sth.)

I am willing to work in the IT industry,but have no idea how to go about it. 许多人都已意识到与大自然和谐相处的重要性.(aware of,in harmony with) Many people are aware of the importance of living in harmony with nature. 像“代沟”这样的问题是不可以被掩盖起来的.(sweep…under the carpet) Problems like the generation gap cannot be swept under the carpet. 我始终不懂什么事在使他烦心.(eat away at) I never did understand what was eating away at her. 他一生都与世无争.(at peace with)

He has been at peace with the world all his life.

他没有说出自己的想法.一则她未必理解,二则他怕自己得不到她的宽恕.(for one thing…,for another…)

He did not speak out/say what he thought.For one thing,she might not understand.For another,he was afraid that she might not forgive him. 随着岁月流逝,他对中国文化越来越感兴趣.(roll by)

As the years rolled by,he became increasingly interested in/fascinated by Chinese culture. Unit 2

这种情景总是令我感动,让我深思.(set sb. doing sth.)

Such a sight always moves me and sets me thinking.This is a sight that never fails to move me and set me thinking.


Stop scolding/blaming her-You’d have done the same thing under/in similar circumstances. 我们应当为自己所拥有的一切而心存感激,而不是对任何事情都漫不经心.(be appreciative of/grateful for,take…for granted)

We should be appreciative of/grateful for what we have instead of taking everything for granted.

他也许会答应改变,但无非又是说一套做一套罢了.(It’s the same old story of)

He may promise to change,but it’s the same old story of saying one thing and doing another. 我苦苦思索该怎样把这可怕的消息告诉他.(rack one’s brains about sth.,break the news to sb.) I racked my brains about how to break the terrible news to him. 我将永远无法报答父母为我所做的一切.(repay sb. for sth.)

It will be impossible for me to repay my parents for everything they have done for me.

The individual success of the employees in a team environment results in success for the company.

这场战争,虽说从军事角度而言是成功的,却令经济几乎崩溃.(in…terms) The war,although successful in military terms,left the economy almost in ruins. 他决定把自己的精力用到有益的事上,而不是整天守在电视机前.(channel sth. into…)

He decided to channel his energies into something useful,instead of being glued to/sitting in front of the TV set all day long.

力量和勇气是有区别的.生存需要力量,生活需要勇气.(it takes sth. to do sth.)

There’s a difference between strength and courage.It takes strength to survive.It takes courage to live.

她天生就是个非常温柔亲切的人,总是乐于向别人伸出援手.(by nature)

She was by nature a very affectionate person,always ready to give a helping hand to others. Unit 5


He consults for our company and we often consult him when we encounter problems in our work.

不要试图去作弊---你决不会得逞的.(get away with sth.) Don’t try to cheat-you’ll never get away with it.

不论可能面临什么样的困难,我父亲总是很乐观.他给我们树立了一个正面的榜样.(regardless of,role model)

My father is always optimistic,regardless of the difficulties that he may face.He is a positive role model for us.

这本小说描写了20世纪二三十年代中国一个大家族的兴衰沉浮.(ups and downs) This novel describes the ups and downs of a big family during China’s 1920’s and 1930’s. 做事只有好心是不够的,还要有理智.(in good faith)

It is not enough to act in good faith.We also need to act reasonably.

考试前开夜车(burn the midnight oil),你也许能考个好分数,但从长远看,平时用功才能真正取得学业成功.(in the long run)

You may score good marks by burning the midnight oil before the exams,but in the long run you have to study hard every day to achieve academic excellence. 不要长时间盯着电脑屏幕,每过一阵就要抬眼看看远处.(once in a while)

Don’t stare at the computer screen for too long.Raise you eyes once in a while and look into the distance.

从别人所犯的错误中吸取教训是很有益处的.(to one’s advantage) It’s to your advantage to learn from the mistakes of others. Unit 6

只有通过反复实践我们才能学习和进步.(by trial and error)

It is only by trial and error that we learn and progress/make progress. 你应该知道心灵的教育是很重要的.它会使你与众不同.(distinguish…from…)

You should know that the education of the heart is very important.It will distinguish you from others.

一个追求完美的人对痛苦的容忍度往往很低.周围的事物会让他们看不顺眼.(strive for,a low threshold of)

A person who strives for perfection tends to have a low threshold of pain.Things around bother them.

他们认为正直是个原则问题,愿意为之牺牲一切.(a matter of,for sth.’s sake)

They regard honesty as a matter of principle and they are willing to sacrifice everything for its sake.


People judge you by the company you keep.You’re inviting trouble if you get into bad company.

直言不讳(speak one’s mind)、不顾其他人的感受不是一种美德.(without regard to) Speaking your mind without regard to other people’s feelings is not a virtue. 她的敏感令她承受的痛苦比普通人所能想像的要多.(expose…to…)

Her sensitivity exposes her to more suffering and pain than ordinary people can imagine. 我们必须使人们意识到保护环境的必要性.(awaken sb. to sth.) We must awaken people to the need to protect our environment.


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