Unit One 导学案

Unit 1 School life 导学案

Period 1 welcome to the Unit


1. 了解高中生活和初中生活的不同之处

2. 了解有关英国的高中学校生活的部分情况

3. 了解如何开展高中的学习和生活








Step 1 Warming Up

I. Introduce yourself in groups

1. your name, your family , your parents (what are they?), your former(以前的) school

2. your hobbies , your interests, what you are good at doing and so on 。

3. your thoughts (思想),your character (性格),your views (观点) about the school, the class or

your classmates.

4. anything you want to talk about . But they should be well-organized (组织合理) and in the right


II. Find out useful words and phrases for school life in groups . For example, junior middle

school , high school, campus, and so on . And list(例举)them here in the following blank.


Step 2 Reading and Practice

I. Do you know of any differences between the lives of Chinese and British high school students?

Unit One 导学案

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