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MP49 Crystal

HC-49U Metal Thru-Hole Crystal

Available as Gull Wing SMD or with Pull-Down Pin on Top of Can

Standard Specifications

° ± 30 PPM is standard, tighter tolerances available Calibration Frequency Tolerance at 25 C

Operating Temperature Range (OTR)0 to +70°C is standard, but can be extended to -40 to +85°CFrequency Stability (FS) over OTR± 50 PPM is standard, see below for tighter tolerances available per OTR optionsDrive Level50 μW is standard, customer may specify Aging at 25°C± 5 PPM per year is standard, customer may specify ± 1 PPMShunt Capacitance7 pF maximumTemperature RangeTightest FSPullability± 3 PPM-10 to +60°C


May be specified by customer in terms of frequency shift required ± 5 PPM-20 to +70°Cover a certain range of load capacitance ± 10 PPM-30 to +80°C(e.g. +100 PPM from CL=12 to CL=18 pF) or as motional capacitance ( f F)± 20 PPM-40 to +85°C

Part Numbering Guide

Portions of the part number that appear after the frequency may not

be marked on part (C of C provided)

SR MP49 B E - xx - 70.0M - IN XXX (Internal Code or blank)


1.8432 MHz – 210.00 MHz

ESR Values

Frequency Range


MaximumESR (Ohms)



Cal Tol / Freq Stability

Blank = 30/50B = 30/30C = 15/30

D = 10/20 (consult factory)


IN = Insulator

TR = Paper Tape & Reel

Frequency in MHz

Load Capacitance

Parallel Resonance in pF (3 10 pF)Temperature Range & Special Mechanical Blank: 0 to +70°CE: - 40 to +85°CH: - 20 to +70°C

G: Gull Wing Surface Mount PackageL: 3rd Lead (Pull-down pin) on top of canV: Vinyl Sleeve Insulation

Fundamental AT Cut

1.84323.0004.0007.00010.000– 2.999– 3.999– 6.999– 9.999– 37.00070015010050254070100

3rd Overtone AT Cut5th Overtone

21.000– 90.00060.000– 150.000

7th Overtone85.000– 210.000

Consult factory for lower ESR

Consult factory for available frequencies and specs. Not all options available for all frequencies. A special part number may be assigned.

Mechanical:inches (mm)

not to scaleGull Wing - MP49G


Solder Pads

Due to part size and factory abilities, part marking may vary from lot to lot and may contain our part number or an internal code.

.520 (13.21) MAX

.043 (1.1)July 2006






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