定语从句 A ____ B

A,____ B (有短号无that) 1.审题

a.选项 关系代词(that\which\who\whom)关系副词(where\when\why)介词+关系代词 b.题目 空格左边是名词 2.做题

一, 选项考 关代、关副

把空格前名词A带入空格,看句子是否通顺. 通顺,填关代 不通顺,填关副 二, 介词+关代

选项考 介词+which(物) \ whom(人) 注意:介词+关系代词=关系副词 把A替换掉 选项中的 which\whom 选项变成 介词+A 带回句子中, 看哪个和B句中的谓语动词可搭配。

三, 非限制性定语从句中, which和as修饰整个主句 模板一

1. Women ___C__ drink more than two cups of coffee a day have a greater chance of having heart disease than those ______ don’t. (06北京)

A. who; 不填 第一空,


②把空格前名词带入, women drink more than two cups of coffee a day. 通顺. 填关系代词Who 第二空,

①看选项, 空格前代词, 确定为考察定语从句模板一

②把空格前名词带入, women don't ( drink more than two cups of coffee ) 通顺, 填关系代词, who

2. – Why does she always ask you for help?

- There is no one else ____B______, is there? (05北京) A. who to turn to

B. she can turn to

C. for whom to turn

D. for her to turn

①看选项turn to sb. for help = ask sb. for help

②把空格前名词带入, she can turn to no one else 通顺, 选B

3. The thought of going back home was ____B____ kept him happy while he was working abroad. (07 上海)

A. that

B. all that

C. all what

D. which


②把all带入,all kept him happy 通顺,选关系代词, 所以加 that 选 B

4. You can find whatever you need at the shopping centre, __D__ is always busy at the weekend. (06上海春)

A. that

B. where

C. what

D. which

①看选项考察关系代词关系副词, 看空格前名词确定是定语从句模板一

②因为有逗号,排除A.把空格前名词带入, the shopping center is always busy at the weekend. 通顺. 填关系代词.which

5. The Science Museum, ______A____ we visited during a recent trip to Britain, is one of London’s tourist attractions.( 08江苏)

A. which

B. what

C. that

D. where


②因为有逗号,排除C.把空格前名词带入 we visited the Science Museum during a recent trip to Britain 我们在去英国的旅行

B. 不填; who

C. who; who

D. 不填; 不填


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