19-1280; Rev 2; 11/99


Temperature Switches in SOT23 and TO-220

Low-Cost, +2.7V to +5.5V, Micropower

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The MAX6501–MAX6504 low-cost, fully integrated tem-perature switches assert a logic signal when their dieo±0.5°C (typical) Threshold Accuracy Overtemperature crosses a factory-programmed threshold.Full Temperature RangeOperating from a +2.7V to +5.5V supply, these devicesoNo External Components Requiredfeature two on-chip, temperature-dependent voltageoLow Cost

references and a comparator. They are available withfactory-trimmed temperature trip thresholds from -45°Co30µA Supply Current

to +115°C in 10°C increments, and are accurate tooFactory-Programmed Thresholds from±0.5°C (typ) or ±6°C (max). These devices require no-45°C to +115°C in 10°C Incrementsexternal components and typically consume 30µA sup-ply current. Hysteresis is pin-selectable at +2°C oroOpen-Drain Output (MAX6501/MAX6503)+10°C.

Push-Pull Output (MAX6502/MAX6504)The MAX6501/MAX6503 have an active-low, open-drainoPin-Selectable +2°C or +10°C Hysteresisoutput intended to interface with a microprocessor (µP)oSOT23-5 and TO220-7 Packages

reset input. The MAX6502/MAX6504 have an active-high, push-pull output intended to directly drive fan-control logic. The MAX6501/MAX6502 are offered withhot-temperature thresholds (+35°C to +115°C), assert-ing when the temperature is above the threshold. TheMAX6503/MAX6504 are offered with cold-temperaturethresholds (-45°C to +15°C), asserting when the tem-perature is below the threshold.

The MAX6501–MAX6504 are offered in eight standardtemperature versions; contact the factory for pricingand availability of nonstandard temperature versions.They are available in 5-pin SOT23 and 7-pin TO-220packages.

with a minimum order of 2,500 pieces. To complete the suffixinformation, add P or N for positive or negative trip temperature,and select an available trip point in degrees centigrade. Forexample, the MAX6501UKP065-T describes a MAX6501 in aSOT23-5 package with a +65°C threshold. Contact the factory forpricing and availability of nonstandard temperature versions (mini-mum order 10,000 pieces).


µP Temperature Monitoring in High-SpeedComputers

Temperature Control

Selector Guide and Pin Configurations appear at end of Temperature Alarmsdata sheet.

Fan Control

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