Microsoft Word - 厦门韦博英语培训分享老友记剧本中英文对照第一季111 The One With Mrs_3

Microsoft Word - 厦门韦博英语培训分享老友记剧本中英文对照第一季

111 The One With Mrs. Bing宾太太(钱德之母)

[Scene: A Street: Monica and Phoebe are walking to a newsstand.] Phoebe: Do you think they have yesterday's daily news? Monica: Why?

Phoebe: Just wanna check my horoscope, see if it was right.

Monica: Oh my God. (Grabs Phoebe and turns her away) Phoebe. Don't look now, but behind us is a guy who has the potential to break our hearts and plunge us into a pit of depression.

Phoebe: Where? (Turns to face him) Ooh, come to Momma. Monica: He's coming. Be cool, be cool, be cool. (The guy walks past them) Guy: Nice hat.

Monica and Phoebe: (in unison) Thanks. (The guy walks on)

Phoebe: We should do something. Whistle. Monica: We are not going to whistle. Phoebe: Come on, do it. Monica: No! Phoebe: Do it! Monica: No!

Phoebe: Do it do it do it!

Monica: (Shouts to the guy) Woo-woo!

(The guy turns round, startled. Monica points to Phoebe. The guy gets hit by a truck)

Phoebe: I can't believe you did that! Opening Credits

[Scene: Hospital, the guy is in a coma and Mon and Pheebs are visiting.]

Monica: Why did I 'woo-hoo'? I mean, what was I hoping would happen? That-that he'd turn round and say 'I love that sound, I must have you now'?

Phoebe: I just wish there was something we could do. (Bends down and talks to him) Hello. Hello, Coma Guy. GET UP, YOU GIRL SCOUT! UP! UP! UP! Monica: Phoebe, what are you doing? Phoebe: Maybe nobody's tried this.

Monica: I wish we at least knew his name... Look at that face. I mean, even sleeping, he looks smart. I bet he's a lawyer.

Phoebe: Yeah, but did you see the dents in his knuckles? That means he's artistic. Monica: Okay, he's a lawyer, who teaches sculpting on the side. And- he can dance!

Phoebe: Oh! And, he's the kinda guy who, when you're talking, he's listening, y'know, and not saying 'Yeah, I understand' but really wondering what you look like naked.

111 宾太太(钱德之母)

你想他们有昨天的报纸吗? 干嘛?

我只是想看我的星运准不准 天啊,菲比,别看 你背后有个将会令我们 伤心欲绝的帅哥 在哪儿? 朝妈妈这来呀. 他来了,酷一点… 好帽子 谢谢

我们应该有所行动,吹口哨 我不吹

快吹/不/吹,吹,吹 我无法相信你会这样 我为何会学狼叫? 我期望会发生什么? 他回头说”我喜欢那声音 我现在就要你”?

我只希望我们能帮上一点忙 昏迷中的帅哥 起来!起来!起来! Phebe,你在干什么? 或许没人试过这一招 希望至少能知道他的名字 瞧他这张脸

即使他在昏迷中仍一副聪明样 我猜他是个律师

但是,你看见他手关节上的凹凸么? 那说明他是个艺术家 他是个兼职教雕塑的律师 而且他会跳舞

他是那种静静听你讲话的人 不是说”我了解” 而猜想着你裸体的样子 我希望男生都像他这样 我知道

纽约难道没有适合你们的清醒男生? 他身旁没人照顾


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