Must Everything You DO Be Fun


Must Everything You DO Be Fun?

Good morning, everyone! It’s my honor to be here. My topic is “must everything you do be fun?” As far as I’m concerned, I

don’t think the answer is yes.

The world does not “perfect”. There are always some disappointing things. So it’s impossible for us that everything we do is fun. However, don’t care it. Everything depends on one’s attitude. Life is like a mirror, if you smile at it, it will smile back to you. Therefore, if we do not always expect perfect and keep an optimistic attitude to life, we’ll find happiness is much

more simple.

Keeping an optimistic attitude, everything you do is fun .Life is a long and uphill journey. Obstacles and hardships occur from time to time on this journey. In our daily life, we often hear others complain about their own affairs. “Why I got lower marks than him in all the examinations?” “How long will it take to earn a decent salary to improve my living standard?” “I have got the stomach cancer and maybe I will die tomorrow. Oh, it’s terrible.” Such complaints do no good but harm to them. In

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