Aim for the stars


THIS winter, the hottest man on Earth was an “alien”

called Do Min Joon. It is a role played by South Korean

actor Kim Soo-hyun in the popular TV drama You Who

Came From the Stars (《来自星星的你》), which tells a love

story between a 400-year-old alien and a human actress.

With the role, Kim became the heartthrob (万人迷) of millions in China.

However, back in middle school, nobody expected that Kim would become an actor. He was so quiet that his mother had to send him to acting school, hoping he could become less shy.

His stage debut was A Midsummer Night’s Dream in which Kim played a fairy (精灵). It lasted for a week in his school. For the first few shows, Kim was still shy and couldn’t look up at the audience (观众). It was not until the last show that he finally got the courage (勇气) to look into people’s eyes and acted with

confidence. Suddenly the world of acting opened the door for him. Hearing the applause (掌声“As a teenager I never thought what I wanted for the future, but in that moment I knew: I want to be acting.”

Have you found your dream like Kim?

About Kim

Name: Kim Soo-hyun

Birthday: Feb 16, 1988

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 180cm


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