Do you agree or disagree with the followingstatement

Do you agree or disagree with the followingstatement? Visiting the museums is the best way to learn about a country.



1. 游客可以在博物馆了解这个国家的历史、文化和习俗

2. 博物馆对所有公众开发,费用低;并且能够为观众提供直观感受

3. 让步:尽管还有许多其他方式可以了解一个国家的知识,但是考虑到多方面因素,博物馆仍是最优选择。

What makes a country distinct?History, culture, custom must be included and the museum meets all the requirements and provide visitors with both convenience and enjoyment for free. From my stand point, visiting the museum is the best way to learn about a country.

是什么让一个国家独特而精彩呢?就是历史,文化与习俗传统的积淀。 博物馆恰好满足这些要求,并且免费为有课开放病提供便捷高效。 从我的角度上来讲, 参观图使馆(optimal),superior)是最佳的方式去了解一个国家或地区。

For one thing, visitors can learn about the city’s history, culture and custom simultaneously in a museum. History is what molded the city, thus it is the fundamental knowledge of all the other features. By appreciating the photographs and pictures displaying in museum, visitors can get to know the developing process of the country. In addition, as Mongolia eat pork by hands while Muslim never eat pork, different cultures all have their particular features. It is obvious that people can earn about these characters by other means, but if one wants to learn all these special cultures and customs in a short time,museum will be a desirable place to go otherwise you may need to spend a year or two to experience all the customs.

首先,人们可以再图书馆同时学习吸收(absorb)该城市的历史,文化和传统习俗。历史塑造了一个城市,也是其他特色为最基本的知识。 通过 欣赏图使馆里的照片和图片, 人们可以知道一个城市的发展历程。 初次之外,正如蒙古人吃猪肉是用手的, 穆斯林从来都不吃猪肉, 不同的文化都有自己的标志性的特色。很明显, 人们可以从其他方式了解这些特色,但是如果一个人想在很短的时间内迅速了解(find out)这个城市,图书馆便是你理想的去处,而非(instead of)花一年到两年的时间,大量的钱去经历各种各样的事情。(affairs),遇上各种各样的麻烦

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