The Influence of Greek Mythology to Western Culture

The Influence of Greek Mythology to Western Culture

Greek mythology consists of two parts. One part is about the gods’ stories. Such

as where the gods come from, the gods’ daily activities and the origin of human beings. Everything in the world can be found with a beautiful story. Another part is about the

heroes’ stories. For example, Prometheus teaches humans to spin, built, sail and treat an illness. Greek mythology’s content is rich enough, which offers the Greek astronomers and artist many good materials and heavily influences the later western litetature and art. The Greek mythology has long-term effects in the history of European literature. Beginning from the Renaissance, it has attracted wide attention and strong interest . Some of the poets’ and writers’ works are based on the stories in Greek mythology. Such as shakespear’s tragedy Troilus and Cressida and long poems Venus and Adonis. Milton Ian’s Comas is not long, but it mentioned more than 30 Greek characters and stories. British and American romantic poets in the 19 th century give high praise to Greek mythology. Indomitable willpower, superhuman strength and persevering fighting against the nature of the ancients in Greek mythology all inspire the romantic poets and motivate them reverie. The romantic poetry give the old myths a new life. Longfellow, Shelley and Byron generate some works to eulogize Prometheus who steals fire for hunman beings. Prometheus was described to a man who represents the spirit of perseverance and strength by Byron.

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