the call of the wild简介

Do u like dog? Today’s book is mainly about a dog, a very special dog: The Call of the Wild by Jack London.

At the beginning of this century, many new writers emerged with the introduction of many new ideas. Among them, Jack London was the most popular one.

His most famous novel is The Call of the Wild. Although it is a story about a dog, Buck, it vividly depicts the life in the primitive North where people rushed for gold and fortune.

Buck, used to belong to a judge, was kidnapped and sold to North. Then he became a member of a dog-team pulling a sled. In the days of pulling a snow-sled, he learned to conform to the law of nature and obey the master. Finally, he found a basic instinct hidden inside him, which enabled himself to survive the tough environment. This is the call of the wild.

When you read the story, you will feel that Buck is a man instead of a dog, struggling with his fortune and conforming to the law of nature.

Though short, it is really a thrilling story. What you never forget is the tough life in the nature, the brave and crafty dog. Maybe the wild is calling you to go ahead.



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