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A.HI, i am glad to see you in Mr.yang's lecture.

B.Me too. I expect Mr.yang's lecture about success for a long time.

C.The came to me, Mr.yang is good at speech,and we can learn a lot from his lecture.

D.oh, Today people are very glad to talk about what is success. How do you define success?

A.Different people have different ideas about success.because people’s hopes and ideas vary from one another. For me ,I think that success is not fame. It's not money or power. it is joy and freedom and friendship. And success is love.It's getting to work with people you love. my opinion, success means to be able to achieve something great or some kind of distinction in life.

C.if one person is excel or give brilliant performance in the filed he choose to pursue,or achieve the goals he set in life, i think he is successful.

D.for my money, success is a relative term,it can mean different things to different

people.a large number of people think that success means more than money and fame.for me,money and fame are not the only standard of success.

BI don'y think true success lies in the size of one's paycheck or the thickness of one's wallet.

A.i think success should be measured by the contributions one makes to the society or one's fellow human beings.

D.In my opinion, success should be measured not by how much we own but by how much we are able to give to others. C.all of that are true.sometimes,success is about achieving the little goals you set for yourself that give you a sense of accomplishment. It can also be simple things such as getting an A on a difficult exam or bigger things like graduating from high school/college. It's knowing that there was a challenge or obstacle that you managed to overcome.What's more,If you've managed to live a relatively happy life, I think that's a success. Our world is driven and focused on monetary value, but not all those that are rich are happy.

B.I cann't agree with you any more.and as we all know,there is a proverb that "failture is the mother of success", i'd like to know how do you understand it?

A.Failure is the mother of the success. It is true that failure is an important factor toward success. The way to success is full of various difficulties and obstacles. And many important inventions or discoveries were achieved after hundreds of failures. Only those successes which have been achieved after many failures are really valuable. When we learn from our failure, we will find the key to success. Remember, “You have not really failed unti


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