1 读者不同 对内/对外

2 信息点数量 3/5

3 阅读量 小/大

4 字数要求 40-50 / 120-140

1 告知信息 inform

2 布置安排 arrange

3 征求意见 request

4 询问信息 enquire

5 求助申请 apply

6 推荐建议 suggest

1 告知信息类


You are a manager at an auditors called Golding & Co. Your company has just merged with a competitor to become MasonGolding. You have been asked to inform staff of the change of name. Write a memo of 40 - 50 words:

* informing staff of the new name

* telling them when to start using the new name

* asking staff to use only the new name after that time.

收购与兼并 merger and aquisition


As a result of our merger with Mason&Co., the name of our company will be changed MasonGolding. Please start to use the new name on 1 March 2006. You are reminded that only the new name can be used from then on.


You are the training manager of a company which has won a large export order. You have been asked to organise foreign language training for some of your staff. Write a memo to staff:

explaining why the courses are necessary

saying which members of staff should attend

announcing when the courses will start

Write 40-50 words on a separate sheet.