The book, which is one of the famous books of Sherlock Holmes novel, was a detective fiction written by Arthur Conan Doyle. It consists of 11 short stories. The most famous one is The Red-Headed League, which is the second popular short story of Sherlock Holmes. It mainly talks about the mysterious cases detected by Sherlock Holmes and it describes deductive reasoning that used by Holmes to find the fact in great detail.

Sherlock Holmes novel was set in 19th century in London, which is regarded as the greatest detective novel in the world. It was written in third person--Dr. John H.Watson, who is the best friend and assistant of Sherlock Holmes. The author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was born in 1859 in Edinburg in Scotland. He is an outstanding novelist the father of the detective novel. Conan Doyle studied at Edinburgh University and helped to fund his course by working as a surgeon on Hope, a 400 ton whaler on a seven month voyage to the Arctic. The following year he worked on Mayumba, a passenger ship bound for West Africa. On this voyage Conan Doyle nearly died of typhoid. On his return, Conan Doyle set up as a doctor in Southsea, a suburb of Portsmouth. With very few patients, Conan Doyle attempted to make money by writing detective stories. His main character, Sherlock Holmes, was based on Dr. Joseph Bell, a surgeon and criminal psychologist, who lectured at Edinburgh Infirmary. In 1891 Conan Doyle published six Sherlock Holmes stories in the Strand Magazine. The following year he was paid £1,000 for a whole series on Sherlock Holmes. Conan Doyle really wanted to write historical novels like his hero, Sir Walter Scott, and in 1893 decided to kill off Sherlock Holmes in the story, The Final Problem. However, after coming under considerable pressure from his fans, he returned to write his best known detective story, The Hound of the Baskervilles. Conan Doyle served as a doctor in the Boer War and wrote The War in South Africa, where he attempted to justify Britain's actions during the war. He was died in 1930.

The hero of the book, Sherlock Holmes, was a consultant detective. He was born on January 6, 1854 in the descendant of country squires. He spent two years at university before taking rooms in Montague street around the corner from the British Museum. While at university he spent the long vacation with a friend, Victor Trevor, at Trevor's family home where Trevor Sr. suggested Holmes make a profession out of his ability to observe. It was at St. Barts' Hospital sometime during 1882 that a mutual acquaintance introduced Holmes to Dr. John H. Watson, who was later to become Holmes' biographer and closest friend. The two would share rooms in Baker Street throughout most of Holmes' long career, save for those times that Watson was married. Holmes investigated nearly a thousand cases by 1891 when he was supposedly dispatched by Professor Moriarty (the most dangerous and formidable criminal mind Holmes would ever encounter) down the falls of Reichenbach. He resurrected in 1894, after a hiatus during which Holmes traveled throughout Europe and Asia under various pseudonyms, Holmes returns to London and again takes up residence in Baker Street. He solves many hundreds of cases until he retires to Sussex sometime during 1903-04. His retirement is our great loss. We wish him well as he raises bees along the Sussex Coast.

Although Holmes was a virtual character, there are still many people believe that he’s really existed, because his characteristic is so full and vivid. To some degree, it attribute to the detail about Holmes’s background and his habit. For example, he always set in his armchair and put his fingertips together when he was thinking, and he always took a pipe and a walking stick. These

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