develop good character

I did not know how to develop good character before because I thought that good character develops with time going by and there is no need to pay more attention to it in daily life.However,I changed my mind after watching the open courses online which delivered by Li Bo.I was impressed by two quotes in his classes.

The first one is “We will be respected by others when we are not greedy,dishonest and arrogant.”The quote is very educational and meaningful.I think that greed is human nature.When we are still a little child,we are always not willing to share toys with other kids even if we do not like the toys any more.From this we can find that greed is rooted in our nature.The greed is also related to possessive.If the human nature is magnified and the possessive is uncontrolled,people will be inclined to be unscrupulous.They will seek ways to achieve their goals by hiding,deceiving and so on.And If it gets worse,finally people will become arrogant.Then the bad seeds in human nature will be multiplied in bad soil.Therefore,we should abandon greed,dishonesty and arrogance.The second one is “Those who respect others will be respected by others;those who love others will be loved by others.”The quote was written by Mencius.I think that a harmonious society needs love,beautiful life needs mutual assistance and good interpersonal relationship needs respect and understanding.Interpersonal harmony is the foundation of building a harmonious society,however,love and respect play a very

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