social network

As we know, social network became as people’s daily communication tool. I can feel comfortable when I use social networking, even if many people said that social networking is the reason why people lose close relationship

between you and other people. It is convenient for overseas students like me. Social network is an advanced communicated system which changed the way that humans contact with others. For instance, in the past, most common way of communication was writing letters and having face-to-face talking. But now technology has improved more rapidly than expectation of users and

become most people’s main way to get familiar with strangers and friends. It is convenient for users because users can send message and have video calls on the internet, though users’ friends are far from themselves.

As an overseas student, social network help me provide a way to contact my families .They will know how about my study and health. It is an only way to communicate with my mother. When I feel lonely, she also can help me get over it. As for friends, I usually contact with them, even if we live in different country.

Social network will become more convenient than your exception even if it has some disadvantages.


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