HND市场学导论outcome2 (仅供参考)



A) Market marketing is the plan and the execution of the commodity, the service and the creativity idea, the fixed price, the promotion and retailing, create conforms to the individual and the organizational goal exchange one kind of process. that is Human activity is wants through for exchanges to directed at satisfying needs, and business activity is concerned with providing goods and services to satisfy human wants and needs at a profit.

B) Market marketing concept requirements planning and strategies should be all the businesses to consumers at the center, correctly determine the needs of the target market and lust, more effectively than competitors of provision required to meet the target market.

The product concept is to show the enterprise is not through the development of the corresponding product market analysis and variety, but to improve quality, reduce cost as all activity centers, and thus expand sales, profits made such a management guiding ideology. Product not only pay attention to production quantity concept, but also pay attention to product quality, but it production center, don't pay attention to the market demand, don't pay attention to product sales, is the production of the concept of the later performance. The customary channel sales, when customer think of their good quality of product will seek to come.


A) The Marketing Mix is an important part of corporate marketing strategy, Controlled enterprise marketing measures to form a holistic activity. The main purpose of marketing is to meet the needs of consumers. Usually divided into 4P (product, price, promotion, place)

B) the explanation of the Marketing mix of product: in 1986, Landed a company of wooden toys products target customer is pre-school market, wooden building bricks and jigsaws. Its products could only be sold to small toys shops that have very big limitation. However, with booming business and brighter prospect, its range of products has quickly enlarged. But for its former products, it not on-ly added with dolls’ houses and wooded train sets, and brought in “Country


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