CCNA 2 Chapter 1 v5.0 Exam Answers 2013


What is one advantage of using the cut-through switching method instead of the store-and-forward switching method?

has a positive impact on bandwidth by dropping most of the invalid frames

makes a fast forwarding decision based on the source MAC address of the frame

has a lower latency appropriate for high-performance computing applications*

provides the flexibility to support any mix of Ethernet speeds


A network designer must provide a rationale to a customer for a design which will move an enterprise from a flat network topology to a hierarchical network topology. Which two features of the hierarchical design make it the better choice? (Choose two.)

reduced cost for equipment and user training

less required equipment to provide the same performance levels

simpler deployment for additional switch equipment*

easier to provide redundant links to ensure higher availability*

lower bandwidth requirements


What are two advantages of modular switches over fixed-configuration switches? (Choose two.) availability of multiple ports for bandwidth aggregation

lower forwarding rates

need for fewer power outlets*

lower cost per switch

increased scalability*


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